How to Use Blackhead Remover Tools ( And Keep Blackheads Away)

How to Use Blackhead Remover Tools

Your strawberry nose is just growing on you. Those black and white spots can make your pores look larger. And it speaks of how well you take care of yourself. But if you have oily skin, blackheads are just inevitable. They may come and go.

And picking on your blackheads with your hands and nails will do more harm than good. Instead of removing the spots, it can make your pores look larger. And you’re pushing in the dirt to your skin. And this can cause an infection.

One way to safely remove a strawberry nose is by a comedone extractor. And there’s a right way of using one. How to properly use blackhead remover tools? Let’s find out.

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads and whiteheads are referred to as comedones. Blackheads are open comedones while whiteheads are closed ones. 

The combination of excess sebum production and a clogged pore can result in lots of comedones. Your pores are blocked because of the accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup. Then your overly active sebaceous glands keep producing more oil. 

So combine the two and you have an array of close and open comedones.

What’s a Comedone Extractor

A comedone extractor or a blackhead remover tool is a small metal tool that has a metal loop at the end. These are tools used to remove blackheads and whiteheads. 

There are several types of blackhead remover tool:

  • Flat loop

It has a flatter and longer loop that minimizes skin damage.

  • Angled loop

This comedone extractor is perfect for hard to reach areas and nooks

  • Spoon

It looks similar to a spoon and pushes the build-up of the skin to the surface when applied with gentle pressure

  • Small loop

It’s perfect for extracting whiteheads

  • Lancet

It consists of a sharp point that you can use to poke the skin to extract the whiteheads

How to Remove Blackheads on Nose

How to Remove Blackheads on Nose

So let’s go to the juicy stuff! Grab your comedone extractor and let’s weed out those blackheads.

  1. Before you get too excited, make sure that those are blackheads and not a sebaceous filament. Sebaceous filaments are often mistaken for blackheads. The manner of removal is very different. Attempting to remove a sebaceous filament with a comedone extractor can damage your skin. 
  2. Cleanse our skin using warm water. You can also use a foaming cleanser to rid your face of visible dirt that may sit on the surface of your skin. This will help dislodge the clogged pores.
  3. Place the comedone extractor on the affected area. Using gentle pressure, move it to the sides. 
  4. Have a tissue ready to collect and wipe away the sebum.
  5. Cleanse your face again to ensure pores won’t get infected.
  6. Don’t forget to wash your blackhead extractor tool in warm sudsy water. 

Avoid This

Some comedones extractors such as the lancet have a sharp point at the end. Salons and derma clinics use this to poke into the skin to extract the blackheads. And if you are not trained to do so, better not.

Improper puncturing of the skin can result in skin damage, infection, bleeding, and scarring. So just stick to the loop and you’ll be fine. 

And Some More Tips!

There’s something satisfying about blackhead removal. The more congested your nose is, the more you’ll be excited to use a comedone extractor.

But you have to take it easy, otherwise, you can potentially harm your skin. So here are more tips on how to remove blackheads. 

  • Use only mild pressure. 
  • If a blackhead won’t come out, leave it alone.
  • Steaming can help you open up your pores. And this will make it easier to extract those blackheads.
  • Sanitize your tool after every session. Failure to do so can result in bacterial infection.
  • Don’t use a comedone tool to extract pimples. There’s a different method that’s best left to your dermatologist.
  • If you accidentally popped a pimple, close the pores with the use of an astringent.

Why Using Your Hands and Nails Aren’t a Good Idea

We are all guilty of this. It may look harmful and it’s quite effective. But you don’t know the dangers that linger with this practice!

So here are the reasons why you should not use your fingers in popping out that blackhead.

  1. It can mess up your body’s covert attack
  2. This can lead to wounds and permanent scarring
  3. You’re just introducing more dirt to your skin and this can lead to bacterial infection.
  4. And it can result in more blackheads to pop.
  5. It irritates your skin.
  6. A comedone extractor is cheap!
How to Use Blackhead Remover Tools

Is It the Same Blackhead Extractor Used in Salon treatments?

Yes, it’s practically the same. But if you aren’t confident about popping your blackheads with a comedone extractor, you can always visit your derma.

But they pretty much use the same tool, you just have to pay for the professional fee. But some people aren’t keen on doing it themselves. That’s why an in-salon treatment is always an option. And these professionals know how to properly use acne tools.

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Can I pop my pimples using a blackhead extractor tool?

No, a different method is used to extract pimples. And it’s best to visit your derma for this procedure.

Is extracting your blackheads bad?

If you use too much pressure it can be bad for your skin. It can harm your skin and cause damage to the pores and collagen surrounding it. That’s why you have to use gentle pressure. And whenever a blackhead won’t give in, you have to leave it alone. 

Can extraction leave a scar?

It may leave a scar if a blackhead tool removal tool is not properly used.

Nobody likes a strawberry nose but there’s some satisfaction you get from extracting a blackhead. A comedone extractor is a cheap and fast way to remove blackheads. But there is a proper way on how to use blackhead remover tools.

And there are also steps that you have to follow. Skipping on these can lead to scars and can damage your skin.

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