How to Shower After a Spray Tan and Make That Caramel Hue Last Longer

How to Shower After a Spray Tan

That sun-kissed caramel skin is just sexy! Everybody loves to have that perfectly tanned skin. But if you have pale white Caucausaian skin it might be challenging to achieve that. Even sunbathing might not be enough. You’ll just end with sunburns and an increased risk of skin cancer.

That’s why a spray tan is the next best thing. It lets you have that sun-kissed tan without having to roast yourself under the sun. But it does need before and aftercare. And when done wrong, that tan could just go straight down the drain. And it may leave patches of tan color on your skin.

So let’s see what you can do to make that tan hue last longer. We’re going to dabble on how to properly shower after a spray tan. And we’ll add more tips so you can enjoy your tan color longer. 

What is a Tanning Spray?

Tanning spray is a pale skin’s best friend. It allows you to achieve that sunkissed bronze skin tone without having to sunbathe. 

A colorless chemical chapped Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) will be sprayed on your skin. This compound is indeed colorless, but it will turn into a bronze shade once it interacts with your skin. Is it safe? Yes, it’s deemed safe for use on the skin. And even safer than tanning beds.

It’s a safer tanning procedure that gives you the same shade of bronze as if you’ve bathed under the sun, 

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

How long a spray tan last depends on the shade of the tanning spray.

  • Dark shades can last up to 10 days
  • You can enjoy medium shades for 7-8 days
  • And light shades can last for up to only 5 days

How Long Does a Spray Tan Take To Develop

If you’re using traditional spray tan, the bronze color would take about 12 hours to set. An accelerated tanner sets up quicker. You’ll be able to throttle out in 1-5 hours. 

But if you want to ensure that your tan is fully developed, wait for at least 24 hours regardless of what type of spray you used.

How To Shower After a Spray Tan

How To Shower After a Spray Tan

After a spray tan, you’re surely asking yourself if you can head to the shower. The answer is yes and no. 

We’re going to break it down into 2 phases-after 8 house and after 24 hours of spray tanning

8 Hours After Your Tanning

  1. Shower with lukewarm water.
  2. Only use water. Do not use gels, soaps, or bath products. 
  3. Shower under 3 mins only.
  4. Pat dry with a towel.

24 Hours After Spray Tanning

  1. Do not clean thoroughly. So park your loofahs and washcloths for the meantime.
  2. Use only ph-balanced soaps. Avoid any DOVE products as these can interrupt the development of the color. 
  3. Do not use hot water. Lukewarm water is the ideal one.
  4. Pat dry skin with a towel and never rub

Spray Tan Aftercare

Now that you’ve got those bronze sun-kissed hues, it’s time to take care of it. You spent some moolah, might as well do everything you can to make it last.

1. Wear loose fitted clothes

And if you can skip your bra, leave it at home. This will ensure that no color would transfer to your clothing which could leave uneven patches on the skin.

2. Avoid sweating 8 hours after your spray tan

So park your bikes and your yoga mat. And have a restful sojourn for at least 8 hours. Skip any strenuous activity that can make you sweat. And avoid hot and humid areas too until your spray tan has set in.

So it’s best to spray tan before you go to sleep. In this way, you can make sure that you’re not going to do anything. 

3. Use old sheets and pillowcases. Wear clothes that you might no longer need. 

This is in case a bit of spray tan stains it.

4. Avoid getting wet for the first 8 hours after you spray tan. Even a tiny drop of rainwater can sabotage your lovely bronze tan.  

5. Skip deodorants and perfume for at least 8 hours. Since these are also liquids, you have to go au naturale and barre for the meantime. And oh, skip moisturizers or any type of lotions too.

6. Only wear flip flops. Closed shoes might interrupt the development of the tan on your feet. Don’t worry, this is just for the first 8 hours.

7. Have your hair up for 8 hours after your spray tan. This will ensure complete and even development of the color on your back and shoulders.

8. After showering, don’t forget to moisturize. Giving your skin proper hydration will keep that lovely caramel hue intact. And go for chemical-free products.

Avoid These Before Getting a Spray Tan

Avoid These Before Getting a Spray Tan

Before you color yourself a tan, try to avoid these mistakes.

1. Skip the self-tanner and tinted moisturizers

And opt to use this 8 hours after your spray tan. Otherwise, it can make your tan look pasty and uneven. 

2. Skip the hot shower.

A hot shower opens up your pores. And when you spray tan with open pores, it will lead to an uneven finish and you would see brown spots here and there. A lukewarm or cold shower if preferable before spray tanning.

3. Park your shaver or waxer at least 24 hours before a spray tan.

Waxing right before a tanning session can lead to an uneven finish and blotchy skin. 

4. Don’t have a facial a day before tanning.

5. Skip the spray tan if you’re sunburned already.

Whether you spent too much time on the beach or had one in a tanning bed, park your bronze dreams first. Getting a spray tan when you’re already sunburned only accentuates the orange hue. You wouldn’t want to look like a gingerbread cookie

6. Don’t apply any acne medication or lotion.

These products can peel off after tanning and will leave an uneven tan.

7. Take it easy on exfoliation

Over Exfoliating before tanning can leave some areas darker than the rest. Again, an uneven tan would result from it. But your skin would benefit from a gentle exfoliation 4 hours before the tanning. It helps you achieve a smooth and even finish. 

8. Skip your deodorant 

Especially if it contains aluminum! Aluminum turns into green when mixed with a spray tan.


I showered 8 hours after spray tanning, Is it normal for the tanning spray to wash off a bit?

Yes and don’t panic. It’s normal for a little color to go off. And once it does, it will reveal a lighter lovely bronze complexion. 

What products should I avoid after spray tanning?

These products can damage and hamper the development of your tan- anti-aging products, alcohol-based toners, bleaching agents, antibacterial soaps and bath products, anti-acne creams, and exfoliating masks and gels.

Can I wash my face after a spray tan?

Wait for at least 8 hours before washing your face. But you can only use water. You have to wait for 24 hours before you can use a ph balanced soap. 

When can I shower after a spray tan?

You can briefly wash your skin 8 hours after a spray tan, but you can only use lukewarm water. It’s actually advisable to take a quick shower by this time. So that the excess color can be washed off. 

Whether you had your spray tan in a salon or you did self-tanning, there are before and aftercare. Failure to do these can result in blotchy and uneven skin. 
And of course, that’s your money down the drain! And you also have to know how to properly a shower after your spray tan. This will help you prolong that lovely caramel hue on your skin.

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