How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the common problems of men and women. It happens more often during hot or dry seasons but also occurs on cold days. Some environmental factors cause this thing. But there is a solution to this issue. Read this article and discover how you can get rid of dry skin and have a glow you deserve.


People search for ways to treat dry skin. Some prefer natural, and others opt to use modern methods to solve it. They also find setting powder for dry skin as effective as all the other skin products. Actually, there are 101 ways to address such an issue. In this article, you can explore solutions that will suit your needs.

As a quick guide, you can try:

  • Get a moisturizer that works on your skin.
  • Find a skin routine that matches your lifestyle.
  • Treat your skin using practical means.
  • Use skin patches and
  • Ask for expert’s advice.

Scroll through this to know the things that you must do to get desired results.

Effective Ways to Treat Dry Skin

Here are some of the effective ways of treating your dry skin

Change Your Skin Care Routine

1. Take shorter baths to avoid drying out your skin. Though you enjoy longer showers, the time spent on water on an extended period causes dry skin. You can soak for not over 10 minutes while bathing or showering. This may still be a long time, but all you have to do is wash up and rinse off.

  • Do not shower more than once throughout the day unless you did work or activities that made you messy or sweaty.
  • Taking a bath or shower every other day is not bad at all. You may skip bathing in-between days.
  • Shave your legs or have hair conditioning treatment on your hair before getting into the shower to minimize your water exposure.

2. Use warm when you shower. Take note, and it should not be hot because such temperature will keep such moisture away from your skin. Thus, using pleasantly warm water will give your skin a favor.

  • Prevent regular hot tub baths to avoid skin drought.

3. Do not use scented products for your skin. These fragrances, dyes, or other chemicals added to scrubs, soaps, and lotions will not be totally good for you. They may look or smell nice, but they actually make your skin dry. Choose gentle skincare products for best-looking skin.

Additional tip: Using unscented laundry detergents are also an excellent means of preventing chemicals left on your fabric from making your skin dry. So, it also keeps you from further skin irritation.

4. Gentle exfoliation removes your dead skin cells. This is an excellent way to smoothen the skin. Moreover, scrubs also strips away skin moisture, so choose a product with a gentle label. Also, avoid rough sponges and harsh skin brushes.

  • For sensitive skin, exfoliate your skin for once or twice only per week and not every day.

5. Moisturize your skin to seal hydration. After washing your face or after getting out of the shower, pat your excess moisture using a towel before you apply moisturizer. When you feel like having dry skin, apply the second layer of your moisturizer to feel better.

6. Instead of lotion, you may use ointment or cream. Lotion is not as effective for skin moisturizing compared to ointment or scream. Some of the ingredients of ointment and cream are olive oil, shea butter or jojoba oil for skin replenishing.

  • Get moisturizer with mineral oil, glycerin, lanolin, petrolatum, urea or lactic acid.
  • You may also try natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil as an alternative moisturizer. You can apply these variants on your skin every morning and night for full skin glow.

7. Spray some thermal water on your skin. These thermal springs have minerals to help regain skin health. Spraying once to twice a day also gets your skin moisturized. Thermal water is available at your local pharmacy, online, or beauty store.

  • Do not spray thermal water too frequently on your skin. Getting your skin wet too often may also cause dry skin.

8. Treat your dry skin with collagen patches. These hydrating patches help your skin get moisture, especially the dry spots. It also improves the overall appearance of your face. Place the patches under the eyes or where you need that extra moisture like around the mouth or forehead.

  • Follow the instruction on the package to identify how frequently you should use such patches and the duration of leaving them on your skin.
  • You may purchase the patches from your beauty supply or even online.

9. Wear sunscreen regularly. Spending time outdoors requires using a moisturizing cream that contains at least SPF 15. It will protect you from sun damages like skin burns, wrinkles, and sunspots. Remember that using sunscreen is not for summer alone but uses it every day, especially when going out.


Adjust with Your Environment

1. Get your home an air humidifier to prevent dry air.

  • Use this air humidifier even during the cold season.
  • The filtered or distilled in every humidifier will prevent mineral buildup inside it.

2. Air and heat conditioner work accordingly on low. Air from the furnace or AC leads to dry skin. So, even if you feel cold, just put on cozier or warmer clothes.

3. Protecting your skin from other elements by wearing scarfs, hats, or gloves is a plus. You may also apply some lip balms for shielding your lips. Wear caps or hats from sun rays. Put on loose, long, and light shirts to prevent your skin from burning.

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4. Limit swimming on pools with chlorine. These chemicals on the water may strip off your skin moisture when going on a swim. Shower after getting out of the pool, and apply your moisturizer.

5. Treat your itchy skin moisturizer or other creams. Dry skin also leads to irritated and itchy skin. Do not scratch your skin, for it will get worse and cause damage. For extra relief, get some anti-itch cream.

6. Visit a dermatologist in case you need to. When you have done all the necessary measures to treat that skin but no results, then it’s time to see an expert.

  • A dermatologist recommends skin products for specific skin types.

Additional Tips

1. Nourish your skin from the inside.

  • Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.
  • Cut back fried and salty food.
  • If you can, try to quit smoking.
  • Limit drinking alcohol.

Final Words

Every problem has a solution. The same goes for that dry skin. Now you know what to do. Just follow and see amazing results. And if possible, do it not only to have a good outward appearance but also to take care of yourself and boost that self-worth.

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