How to Get Rid of Blotchy Skin

How to Get Rid of Blotchy Skin

Having rosy cheeks is a good thing. But there’s nothing rosy about those uneven red blotches on your face. And blotchy skin is very common. And no matter how you take care of your skin, you can get blotches now and then.

And only a few people are endowed with flawless even skin. And yes, we’re jealous! And as you get older, the more you’re susceptible. So do you just have to hide under a thick layer of foundation every time?

Not really! We’re going to throw in a few simple tips on how to get rid of blotchy skin. So start scrolling to find out!

What is Blotchy Skin?

Blotches are uneven patches on your skin. These can appear red and inflamed and it’s often caused by the uneven differences in melanin levels.  It can also appear as brown patches in some cases. While age seems to be a culprit, some other factors can cause these uneven patches.

What Causes Blotchiness?

Several factors can make your skin less than desirable. And you might find yourself guilty with at least one! So it’s time to do some damage control and eliminate these habits from your daily routine.

1. Excessive exfoliation

Exfoliation is healthy for the skin. It can remove dead skin cells, grime, and dirt buildup. And it can make your skin renewed so that you’ll look more radiant again. But too much of a good thing can be bad too. 

Overexploitation can be counterproductive. The abrasive scrubs and exfoliants can lead to redness, inflamed, and blotchy skin. 

2. Rosacea

If you have rosacea, you’re all too familiar with blotchy skin on the face. This skin condition that causes redness of the small blood vessels can ultimately lead to botches and patches on your skin.

3. Excessive sun exposure

There’s no doubt that the sun is one of your skin’s number one mortal enemy. It can make your skin look older, dry it out, and cause red patches. 

4. Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and your skin as well. And stress can also result in itchy skin filled with hives

5. Skin allergies

Several skin conditions such as dermatitis, hives, and eczema can cause blotchiness of the skin. 

And hives can really be itchy that you’ll scratch your skin raw. And the more you scratch your skin, the more inflamed and red it gets. And serious cases of hives can lead to difficulty in breathing.

6. Spider veins

Those small networks of veins on your legs or skin can appear red and inflamed. Spider vein has a lot of causes and a lot of women experience this. 

7. Extreme temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can cause your skin to flare up, especially if you have allergies.

8. Some reactions to medications

Some medications can lead to patches or molted skin.

How Fix Blotchy Skin

How Fix Blotchy Skin

So we bet you’ve ticked more than one item on the list above. However simple the cause of blotchy skin is, the treatment is also relatively easy, and it’s also quite simple to overturn skin blotchiness. 

So, you have to ditch those bad habits and infuse these steps into your daily regimen instead.

1. Clean your face every day

Clean your face in the morning upon waking up and at night before you retire for the day. And use a gentle non-abrasive cleanser. Removing dirt, oil, and makeup for your skin can do wonders. When these are left uncleaned, it can trigger allergic reactions that can lead to redness and itchiness.

2. Skip the sauna and steam bath momentarily

Since one of the causes of blotches is extreme temperature, you might want to dial down your steam and sauna baths. A regulated temperature will help make your skin tone even,

3. Use gentle products

Only use gentle, if possible, all-natural beauty products that are free from additive or artificial ingredients. Synthetic ingredients may cause allergic reactions that can lead to redness and inflammation.

4. Dial-up your antioxidants

Load up your plate with antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables. And omega 3 fatty acids will also help fortify your skin’s integrity to make it less susceptible to external aggressors that may lead to blotchiness. So you might want to add more salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, and avocado to your meal.

5. Skip tequila nights

Alcohol can cause your blood vessels to expand. And this can cause the inflamed redness of the blood vessels on your skin.

6. Try to eliminate fragrances

Beauty products that are infused with artificial fragrances can be heaven for your senses, but not for your skin. These can cause allergic reactions instead.

7. Visit your dermatologist

When blotchiness won’t go away with these simple steps, it’s time to consult your dermatologist. There can be an underlying condition that causes it.

8. Don’t forget your moisturizer 

To make your skin less susceptible to blotches, it’s important to keep it healthy. And moisturizing is one way to keep the integrity of your skin in its pristine condition

9. Don’t forget to lather SPF

Whenever you’re headed out, don’t forget your sun protection. And wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats when the sun is too intense. These can provide extra protection for your skin. 

10. Suck on an ice cube

If you need immediate redness relief for your face, you can try sucking on an ice cube! The ice will cause your skin to dilate, thus reducing redness and blotches.

11. Use a concealer

Concealer is another quick fix that can help hide your red patches. It can make your skin look even so you don’t need to put on extra layers of foundation.

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How to How to Get Rid of Red Marks Naturally 

These home remedies may help tone down the uneven patches and inflammation of your skin. But of course, nothing beats a consultation with your dermatologist, if the cause of your blotchy skin is a medical condition, these natural remedies can only go so far.

  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Cucumber slices
  • Aloe vera
  • Yogurt
  • Lavender oil
  • Cooled chamomile tea


Is blotchy skin an urgent concern?

While some causes of blotchy skin are not really urgent, some cases warrant immediate medical attention. If your blotchy skin is caused by an underlying condition, it’s a more serious matter. And when left untreated can lead to more serious conditions.

How long does blotchy skin last?

If the cause is relatively simple such as over-exfoliation, your skin will be bright and even again after 3 or 4 days. But in some cases, you need to resolve the underlying medical condition first to remove blotchy skin.

Can oatmeal help resolve blotchy skin?

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties that help curb the redness and inflamed patches on your skin.


Uneven, inflamed blotchy skin can make you look less desirable. Even with foundation, you still find it challenging to hide those patches. You’d be surprised to know that it’s quite easy to manage blotchy skin!

But of course, blotchy skin treatment would depend on the exact cause. Our guide on how to get rid of blotchy skin will help you manage redness and inflammation.

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