How to Cover Bald Spots with Makeup

How to Cover Bald Spots with Makeup

Did you know that you are losing hair every day? You may not realize it, but you’re losing an estimated 100 hairs daily from the hundred thousand hair strands in your scalp.

If you find yourself getting anxious about why your hair may be thinning and wondering how to hide those bald spots, worry no more. We’ve got answers for you! There are ways to effectively cover up those bald spots, bald patches, or balding hairline. In this article, we will be rounding up ways on how to cover bald spots with makeup

What Is the Reason for Getting Bald Spots?

We all wish we could be blessed with naturally thick and luscious hair; however, having a bald spot is a problem many men and women face. There are several reasons for hair loss and thinning hair, including age, stress, use of strong hair products, over-processing the hair, medical conditions like Alopecia, and more.

About 90% of our scalp hair is continually growing at any given time, at a growth phase that lasts at least six years. The remaining 10% is at a resting phase, which lasts for a few months. At the end of the resting phase, the hair begins to shed, and new hair grows from the same follicle to replace the hair that has fallen out. This process of hair loss and replacement is a natural process of the hair’s growing cycle. Baldness occurs when certain factors interfere with this natural process.  

Can Hair Loss Be Measured?

Doctors use the Savin scale to see how much hair you have lost. Your hair could thin in all areas of the scalp, with the most noticeable loss at the centre of the scalp. The Savin scale documents a pattern of baldness or a condition known as Alopecia. Most people know it as male pattern baldness, but it affects about 30 million women in the US. Medical experts think that age and genes have crucial roles, as well as hormonal changes in menopausal women.

So… How to Cover Up Bald Spots?

Luckily, there are ways to hide those bald spots for those experiencing hair loss. There are several treatments available on the market that promise good results, but only a relatively few fulfill the task. From pricey hair transplants to hair regrowth treatments and old fashioned toupees, the number of products that promise great results most often turn out to be disappointments.

However, there are a few products that have surpassed expectations. One of the best ways is the use of scalp makeup for thinning hair. Scalp makeup is proven to be safe, effective, and relatively affordable than other treatments. How to cover bald spots with makeup? There are a few handy tips and tricks that we can recommend. But before that, let’s first know what these makeup products do.

What is Scalp Makeup?

Scalp makeup is simply a product applied to the scalp to cover up the thinning of hair and create a fuller, thicker appearance. The secret to using it effectively is choosing the right color to blend well with your hair. With correct application, scalp makeup can create an illusion that a person has a full, natural head of hair that it becomes virtually impossible for others to tell that it’s just makeup.

How to Cover Bald Spots with Makeup

5 Best Makeup Solutions for Hair Loss and Baldness

If you’re looking for ways on how to cover bald spots with makeup, then we got you covered! Whether you’re trying to hide some slight thinning or more extensive balding areas, below are some of the top makeup options to make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

  • Concealers for Hair Loss

Hair loss concealers are one of the most popular types of makeup among women for covering bald spots. Toppik, Caboki, and CUVVA are some of the well-known brands in the market today. Mainly, they contain colored keratin proteins that make hair statically charged. Most of these products are made to be resistant to sweat, rain, and wind. They can also be washed out easily with shampoo after a day.  

  • Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is an excellent option if you are suffering from bald patches that are getting wider and prominently exposing the scalp. With its inorganic nature, mineral makeup is an especially neat option as it makes it stick to the scalp better, even when sweating or when exposed to the rain.

For it to work effectively, you’ll need a mineral face powder that matches well your hair color. For instance, a dark brown powder for dark brown hair. If your hair color’s shade isn’t available, you can go a bit darker, so the bald patches would look far less noticeable. 

Here’s how to cover bald spots in women’s hair with mineral makeup:

  1. Using a puff or makeup sponge, take enough amount of the mineral powder.
  2. Gently dab the powder directly into the balding area of your scalp.
  3. Blend the powder thoroughly into the surrounding hair for better coverage.
  • Eye Shadow

Since eyeshadows come in smaller containers, it’s a great choice for covering smaller bald patches that need some light filling in. It’s one of the easiest ways to hide bald spots. Moreover, getting the right color that matches your hair thoroughly is a lot easier since eye shadow comes in a lot of colors imaginable.

  1. Rub your favorite eye shadow (Urban Decay Primer Potion) over the area where your hair might be thinning or receding.
  2. Using a makeup brush, take enough shadow. Then, layer it on with a flat brush.
  3. Blend the shadow well using a fluffy brush.
  4. Brush thoroughly in that particular area using a boar bristle brush.
  • Concealing Hair Sprays

Another great solution for thinning hair is to use hair spray to cover bald spots. If you’re not comfortable with dumping makeup on your scalp, the use of temporary dye sprays for your scalp maybe your best option. For instance, concealer spray by L’Oréal Paris is made to cover greys between colouring treatments but it also helps in solving thinning hair by starting at the ‘root’ of the problem. 

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Concealer hair sprays come in different shades that match a person’s hair color, an advantage over the mineral powder. These are also long-lasting products that can fulfill its function throughout the day. They can also be easily washed out with shampoo at night.

Here’s how to how to hide bald spot on top of the head with concealing sprays:

  1. First, make sure to shake the can well.
  2. Hold the can about 8 inches far from your scalp. Spray the product lightly before patting any remaining residue.
  3. For thicker coverage, hold the can one to two inches closer to hit the scalp as directly as possible.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation 

All of the above-mentioned options are good for mild to moderate hair thinning. But how to cover bald spots with makeup for people with more extensive hair loss? Luckily, there’s this called scalp micro-pigmentation. It’s not your usual makeup, but it still falls under the cosmetic category.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a similar practice as microblading for full brows. It is simply a fancy term for a hair tattoo, which creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. While microblading is typically performed using a manual blade, SMP is done with an electric tattoo device. This is because more power is used to reach into the thicker skin of the scalp than the thinner skin under your eyebrows.


What to look out for when buying scalp makeup?

There’s a couple of factors one should bear in mind when browsing for the best scalp makeup. Make sure to consider the product’s ingredients, durability, hair color match, and subtlety of the product’s concealing effect.

How long does the SMP process take? And why is it the best solution for extensive hair loss?

Each SMP treatment takes about 3 hours and could take up to 3 sessions; however, this may vary depending on the client’s preferences. SMP provides a permanent and easily maintainable solution to a receding hairline and baldness. It gives fast results and takes years to serve its purpose.

What are other options if I don’t want a cover-up product?

Of course, there might be other reasons why one may not like using makeup for bald spots. In such cases, there are other ways to cover up hair loss. You may try to regrow your hair naturally with the help of a few dietary changes. If you’d like, you can also invest in an alopecia wig or opt for on-top male hairstyles to hide bald spots. Stylish head scarves may also be an option, especially if you’re into fashion as they give an added splash of color to your outfit.


Indeed, the hair is more than a bundle of fibers. The way you style your hair is an expression of your personality. But once you start losing your hair, it can really freak you out. As the popular saying goes, “a woman’s crowning glory is her hair.” Whether the hair loss is a short- or long-term condition, women lose hair the same way as men do. One might even get a noticeable bald spot at the crown of your head.

If you’re worried about bald patches showing, then make sure you got everything in control. Knowing how to cover bald spots with makeup will remove all your worries away.

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