How to Apply Self Tanner to Your Back

How to Apply Self Tanner to Your Back

It’s a fascinating fact that your skin plays a beautiful role in your overall being. Most people want it to be glowing, captivating and having that smooth texture. At the top of it, some would also desire for either whiter or darker tone. And here’s good news for those who want that attractive, you can still give yourself that dark aura with these easy steps.

If you desire to have an amazing skin effect, you could use tanning lotion to get dark fast. In this article, you discover how you can do it even on your own.

For a quick guide, this is how it goes:

  • Get the tanner lotion.
  • Apply the lotion using the method that best suits you.
  • Cover the target area, so you have a balanced look.

Check the ways below for further info on how you can do it.

Four Ways to Apply Self Tanner Lotion to Your Back

Here are some of the most effective ways to apply self-tanner to your back.

1. Using Your Forearms

  • Squeeze some lotion on the top of your forearms as well as your hands. Hold flat your arm while your elbow is bent. Your top forearm must be at a level surface. Apply a lotion line from your bark hand up your arm, reaching almost your elbow crease. Squeeze the lotion on both forearms.
    • Don’t rub the lotion into the arms, but let it sit on it inline where you squeezed it.
    • Use as little or as much as you need it for covering your back entirely.
  • Put your arms on your back. Then bend your elbows as placing your lotion covered arms touching your back. Depending on your flexibility, do this, for it may hurt slightly. It will be easy to put one arm at a time behind your back.
    • When you are not flexible or hurt your shoulder, this way may not work suitably for you.
  • Move those arms like the motion of a windshield wiper. Rub your forearm in an upward and downward motion while covering more portion of your back. Try using one arm first, then the second one – right arm then left arm or vice versa.
    • Repeat doing this as much as you need or when you feel like you have to apply more lotion.

2. Using One Spatula

  • Get one spatula. You may either use a rubber or plastic spatula. A wooden material will work, as well. However, avoid using a metal one. When you have different options, always get the one with the longest handle.
    • Do not use a spatula that you often use for cooking. Whenever it is possible, get one that you will specifically use for applying tanner lotion.
    • You may get splinters from wooden spatulas, so be careful if you are using one.
  • Squeeze the right amount of lotion on your spatula. Keep that spatula flat when putting lotion on it so there will be no mess or won’t drop anything on the ground. Try putting less lotion then apply more than once.
  • Carefully reach your spatula behind the back. Make it your best on keeping the spatula as flat while the lotion side is up.
  • Spread some lotion against your back. Move the spatula head in circling motion to cover your lower back at the beginning then moving up against your mid-back. Try reaching over your shoulder from your top and apply lotion on your upper back too.
    • Apply more lotion if necessary, and do the process again to cover every area of your back.

3. Using Plastic Wrap

  • Cut at least two or three-foot plastic cling wrap piece. The length of the piece will depend on you. However, a longer one will make things easier for you. Try using a cutter attached to the plastic wrap or a pair of scissors.
    • A plastic cling wrap may be a little difficult from keeping the tangle or sticking on itself. Thus, put it flat on your table before cutting it. It will keep it from wrinkling itself.
    • When you have no plastic wrap available, substitute it with different plastic options. You may also explore old table cloth or trash bags.
  • Squeeze the right amount of lotion in the middle of the plastic strip. Put as much tanner lotion as you want. The lotion gets farther than you think, so never overdo it. An inch or two lotion widths will be enough.
    • Put some lotion on the plastic wrap on thin strips ranging from five to six inches in length.
  • Stand while having the plastic strip behind you. Turn your back toward the plastic strip so it will be easier for you to touch it.
    • When the plastic is laid on a higher counter, or if it’s too far for you to reach it, get the wrap in front of you, then move it on a lower surface.
  • Reach your back while picking the wrap. Grab both ends the plastic using your hands and lift it from the surface. Put the lotion on your back and start on the lower section.
    • You may have to look or turn your head over your shoulder to see where the plastic moves for you to pick it up.
  • Swipe your plastic strip side by side against your back. Imagine you are using a cloth or towel for drying your back. Use zigzag motion to reach up and middle portion of your back.
    • Reach more areas by swiping the plastic upward and downward.
    • When unable to move your arms or shoulders adequately, tape the plastic wrap on a wall or flat surface and move your back against it. Apply the lotion as much as it is needed to cover your target area.

4. Using Rollover

  • Buy a paint roller with cover. You have some options for the length handle. It will depend on your height.
  • Squeeze the lotion on the roller. Put two or three lines or as much as you want to cover enough the target area.
  • Roll on the lotion on your back. Bend your arms. You may need to put additional lotion more than once to have a sufficient roll cover.

That is how you do it. Never worry about putting that lotion on your back without someone’s help because now you can do it ultimately on your own. So, are you ready to have that beautiful tan? Then, today is your chance!

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