10 Best Moisturizers for Black Skin in 2021

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  1. Era Organics Facial Moisturizer
  2. Shea Moisture Balancing Moisturizer
  3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Cream
Best Moisturizers for Black Skin

Your beautiful black skin needs more TLC. It has the highest sebum content. But they can be the most susceptible to dryness. And dark skin tends to be thicker so it needs more  moisture and hydration.

It’s quite challenging to find a suitable moisturizer for your dark skin. It can either be too heavy that it can clog the pores, or it won’t be able to hydrate your skin enough. The common characteristic of this skin type is dark skin with oily patches. So you need to find a moisturizer that can both nourish your dry skin and control the oil on other areas of your face.

Lucky for you, we’ve found the 10 best moisturizers for your dark skin. You no longer have to try a ton of products just to find out that they just don’t work. 

Here is the List of 10 Best Face Moisturizer for Black Skin:

  1. Era Organics Facial Moisturizer
  2. Shea Moisture Balancing Moisturizer
  3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Cream
  4. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer
  5. Saint Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer
  6. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
  7. Lilly Sado Green Tea and Vitamin C moisturizer
  8. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel by Clinique
  9. Complete All-Day Moisturizer by Olay
  10. Jack Black Double Moisturizer

Our Top Picks for the Best Face Moisturizer for Black Skin ( A Product Review)

Say goodbye to trial and error! Let’s see what brands can make your dark skin supple and smooth again. 

1. Era Organics Facial Moisturizer– Best Natural Moisturizer for Black Skin

It’s a highly moisturizing cream that also has therapeutic effects for several skin conditions.

If you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions, it’s hard to find a moisturizer that works. Era Organics is an all-natural moisturizer that can treat these skin conditions. On top of it, it can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, can soften dry and cracked skin, and may even reduce acne and stretch marks.

It’s very rich in humectants and natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, manuka honey, aloe vera, blue-green algae, cehami extract, olive oil, and shea butter. These plant botanicals have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. So it’s like a one-stop skin rejuvenation even for those with sensitive skin.

It can boost collagen and elastin production. And can plump up your skin. So you’ll wake up to younger and more plump skin. 

The main ingredient of this moisturizer is coconut. So expect it to be ultra-hydrating. It can even serve as a brightening cream.


  • Also works as an eye cream and won’t irritate the eyes
  • Teeming with naturals moisturizers
  • Can treat several skin conditions
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Ultra-hydrating for dry skin
  • All-natural formulation


  • Not for those who are allergic to coconut

Why you should buy this moisturizer

It’s an ultra-hydrating natural moisturizer that can also treat several skin conditions.

2. Shea Moisture Balancing Moisturizer – Best Moisturizer for all Skin Types

Treat your skin to a balanced formulation of organic plant botanicals.

Black skin tends to be drier. But you also have to consider your skin type. Not all moisturizers for black skin have the same formulation.

Shea Moisture balancing moisturizer is one of its kind. It has a formula that can balance out all skin types. So it’s a great fit for your oil, dry, or combination skin. And since it’s organic and free of harmful ingredients and chemicals, it’s safe for sensitive skin too.

It glides smoothly on the skin and is very well absorbed. It has a rich and thick consistency that you only need a very small amount to work into your skin. It can also help clear out acne. This moisturizer is infused with plant botanicals that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can keep acne at bay.

It also leaves a nice matte finish on your skin. And it keeps your skin oily free for the entire day too. So even if you’re out in humid weather, you’ll still enjoy that lovely matte finish on your face.


  • All organic moisturizer
  • Free from synthetic ingredients
  • Has a lovely matte finish
  • Feels soft and smooth on the skin
  • Glides smoothly and absorbed by the skin well


  • Has a strong scent

Why you should buy this moisturizer

It’s a nourishing all organic moisturizer for all skin types.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Cream– Best Hydrating Moisturizer for Night Use 

Wake up to supple and baby smooth skin with this hydrating night cream.

Some moisturizers can make you feel greasy at night. Some may even make you sweat a lot because of its thick formulation.

Palmer’s cocoa butter is a night moisturizer that can deeply moisturize your skin. But the formulation is amazingly light that you won’t feel uncomfortable during your sleep, but you get extreme moisturization.

Palmer’s coconut butter is teeming with natural raw compounds such as coconut oil, shea butter, aloe, and Vitamin C. This combination of nourishing compounds can regenerate your cells as you sleep. So you’ll wake up in the morning with a renewed and supple skin.

What also sets it apart from other natural mostiitzsrs is that it makes use of sustainable sources of coconut oil and shea butter. So you’re also sure that only premium ingredients go into the container. It won’t harm Mother nature too.


  • Free from sulfate, parabens, and phthalates
  • Has a lovely subtle scent
  • All-natural ingredients from sustainable sources
  • Helps lighten scars
  • A little goes a long way
  • Won’t make you sweat or uncomfortable at night
  • Can even out skin tone
  • Non comedogenic


  • Not for those who are allergic to coconut oil

Why should you buy this moisturizer

It’s a highly moisturizing yet lightweight night cream that can renew your skin.

4. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer – Best Drugstore Moisturizer with SPF for Black Skin

Get a daily moisturizer and sun protection in one moisturizing day cream.

Neutrogena has been known for beauty products that are specially designed for sensitive skin. And most of its formulations are unscented, which makes it very friendly on reactive skin. 

Also, Neutrogena Healthy Defense can moisturize and protect your skin at the same time. It’s infused with SPF 50 so you get full protection from environmental aggressors. It also has Vitamin E. So it can add a layer of protection against free radicals.

Neutrogena can also help boost the collagen production in your body. It also has antigang benefits. It also has a very lightweight formulation that makes it suitable to wear in the day. You won’t feel greasy or sticky. But you can tell that your skin is moisturized and nourished.

It’s also very suitable for use in the summer. It’s gel-like formulation easily disappears and is absorbed by the skin. Though you might need to switch to a richer formula come winter. 


  • Has SPF 50
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Unscented
  • Doesn’t feel greasy
  • Has a lightweight formulation
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Not enough for the colder season

Why you should buy this moisturizer

If you’re looking for a moisturizer and sun protection that you can wear during the day, this is a great option.

5. Saint Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer– Best Moisturizer for Mature Black Skin

Defy Age with an ultra hydrating moisturizer.

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable as you age. The breakdown of collagen speeds up the soonest you reach 30.

So you need a moisturizer that’s infused with anti-aging compounds. Saint Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer is rich in collagen and elastin proteins. These compounds can make your skin supple and youthful again. It will make your pores smaller, your lines lighter and your skin more supple.

Moreover, it has safflower oil for that intense hydration. This moisturizer is non-comedogenic too. So it won’t leave any residue and won’t clog your pores. So it’s safe for those with oily or combination skin. 


  • Has natural ingredients
  •  Free from synthetic compounds
  • Has a nice subtle scent
  • Has anti-aging benefits
  • Non-Comedogenic


  • May lack hydration for extremely dry skin

Why you should buy this moisturizer

It’s a natural moisturizer that works wonders for your aging skin. 

6. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer– Best Moisturizer for Oily Black Skin

If you have oily skin, do you still need to moisturize? Yes. Remember that oil is different from moisture and hydration. Your regular moisturizer can leave a lot of residues and can clog your pores. That’s why you need an oil-free moisturizer for your oily skin.

Aveeno positively radiant oil-free moisturizer can hydrate your skin without leaving any residue. It’s teeming with natural plant extracts that can also improve the texture and appearance of your skin. 

Aveeno positively radiant is infused with the soybean complex. This compound can improve dislocation and take care of skin blotchiness. 


  • Has SPF 15
  • Helps your skin deal with acne
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Won’t clog your pores
  • Improve skin texture and color


  • May not be enough for dry skin

Why you should buy this moisturizer

If you’re looking for an oil-free moisturizer that won’t leave any residue behind, the Aveeno Naturally radiant is a great option.

7. Lilly Sado Green Tea and Vitamin C moisturizer– Best Vitamin C Moisturizer for Black Skin

Protect and nourish your dark skin with a Vitamin C rich moisturizer. 

If you’re always exposed to the elements and other environmental aggressors, you need a Vitamin C rich moisturizer. Vitamin C can add a layer of protection for your skin. 

Lily Sado’s main ingredients are vitamin C and green tea. These compounds are rich in antioxidants that can protect your skin from the elements. 

Also, Lily Sado is rich in Vitamin B and E. These are vitamins that are proven to have skin-protecting qualities. It also has aloe, jojoba oil, and licorice root. It’s a moisturizing concoction perfect for oily or combination skin.

Green tea can also help keep your acne at bay. It can control your overly active sebaceous glands. 

This moisturizer has a creamy yet light formulation that can moisturize your skin. Its hydration prowess impressed us. It can keep your skin adequately hydrated for up to 12 hours. 


  • Free from parabens and other synthetic compounds
  • Cruelty-free
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Creamy yet light on the skin
  • Protects skin from free radicals
  • Can tighten the skin
  • Can control acne
  • Safe for all skin types also perfect for aging skin


  • Might be challenging to rinse off

Why you should buy this moisturizer

It’s a lightweight, yet creamy and ultra-hydrating moisturizer. It’s also teeming with a lot of skin protectants and anti-aging compounds. 

8. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel by Clinique– Best Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Black Skin

Hydrate your dark skin without a residue-free moisturizer

Acne-prone skin is challenging to moisturize. You need to find a product that’s lightweight, non-comedogenic, and oil-free. But of course, it also has to decently moisturize your skin too. And there are a few brands in the market that can give you this combination. 

Dramatically different moisturizer is a perfect option for your acne-prone skin. It has a light gel-like formulation that won’t compromise your pores. And since it’s in a gel form, it’s easily absorbed by the skin and won’t leave any residue. 

And it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. We also love that it comes in a pump dispenser, so it’s easier to use and more hygienic too. 

It also blends in well with your skin and looks great under your makeup. So even if you have moisturizer under your makeup, it doesn’t feel too thick or heavy.


  • Has a lightweight gel formulation
  • Can be comfortably worn under makeup 
  • Fragrance-free
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Not greasy or oily
  • Absorbed by the skin fast
  • Safe for acne-prone skin


  • Maybe lacking hydration for those with dry skin

Why you should buy this moisturizer

Your acne-prone dark skin needs a lightweight gel moisturizer that can still offer decent hydration. The Dramatically Different by Clinique can be your acne-prone skin’s holy grail.

9. Complete All-Day Moisturizer by Olay– Best Budget Moisturizer for Black Skin

It’s a daily hydrating moisturizer that fits right in your budget.

Complete All Day feels light on the skin and won’t leave a residue. It won’t clog your pores. And it’s a great moisturizer to wear during the hot season. 

Your skin still feels hydrated even with its lightweight formula. And it’s also safe to use on acne-prone skin since it doesn’t leave any residue.

It’s also infused with SPF 15. So you get additional protection from the sun. And compared with other moisturizers with SPF, it doesn’t feel oily. And what’s amazing is that it can help sunburned skin. Just place it on top of aloe gel and you’ll be able to speed up the healing process.


  • Has SPF 15
  • Non-Comedogenic and fragrance-free
  • Can Help prevent and heal sunburn
  • Has a light yet moisturizing formula
  • Safe for acne-prone skin
  • Has a subtle fragrance that’s not too overwhelming
  • A little goes a long way
  • Works for all skin types


  • Some find the consistency too thin

Why you should buy this moisturizer

It’s an affordable, lightweight, and hydrating gel moisturizer with SPF.

10. Jack Black Double Moisturizer– Best Face Moisturizer for Black Men 

Black skin tends to be drier. But if you have extremely dry skin, you need an emollient that contains humectant rich compounds. 

Jack Black is infused with parsley, vitamins A and E, blue algae extract, and phospholipids. These plant essences can provide hydration and moisture without weighing your skin down. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily. The antioxidants in these plant compounds nourish and protect your skin. It’s ultra-hydrating for your dry skin.

Also, if you have very reactive skin, the slightest scent can irritate it. So what you need is a moisturizer that contains plant extracts and has virtually no scent. Jack Black is a fragrance-free moisturizer so it’s best for those who are sensitive to scents.  

Your skin will absorb this cream nicely and feels like butter. And the SPF protection is a plus. So you don’t need to lather on extra SPF if you’re heading out. That saves you money too.


  • Has SPF 20
  • Hydrating and nourishing for dry skin
  • Almost unscented
  • Feels soft and smooth on the skin
  • Easily absorbed by the skin


  • Not for oily skin

Why you should buy this moisturizer

If you have dry skin, this hydrating moisturizer will bring back moisture and softness to your skin.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Moisturizer for Black Skin

Dark skin is beautiful. But it can be thicker and dries out faster too. We’re going to list several factors that you have to consider so that you could get the best moisturizer for your black skin.

  1. What’s your skin type?

Determine if you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Dark skin indeed tends to dry out quickly, but your skin can still belong to any of these categories.

  • Oily skin

Non comedogenic moisturizers work best for oily skin. These products won’t clog your pores.

Your oily skin would benefit from a lighter formulation. So avoid heavy and rich creams. Also, avoid ingredients like mineral oil and lanolin. These can clog your pores and cause acne breakouts.

  • Dry skin

Moisturizers containing humectants are perfect for dry skin. Especially if you live in areas with humid weather, you have to get all the hydrating compounds that you need.

Avoid moisturizers with alcohol and salicylic acid. These can dry out your skin even more. 

  • Sensitive skin

Your sensitive skin would benefit greatly from organic, all-natural moisturizers. Plant ceramides can do wonders for your sensitive skin. 

You should also avoid moisturizers with synthetic fragrances.

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2. Base it on your needs

The best moisturizers for black skin have a variety of ingredients and compounds. So how would you know the best fit for you? Base it on your needs.

  • SPF

If you don’t want to wear sunscreen, it’s best to get a moisturizer that’s infused with SPF. This will give you decent protection from the sun’s harmful rays

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants also add a layer of protection against environmental aggressor and stress. If you’re usually exposed to the elements, go for a moisturizer infused with antioxidants.

  • Collagen proteins

Mature and aging skin will benefit greatly from a moisturizer with collagen. Especially if you’re in your 30’s, this compound can help revive your skin’s lost elasticity.

3. Spreadability

A great moisturizer should easily blend in with your skin. It should feel soft, smooth, and should feel like butter on warm toast.

4. It shouldn’t be greasy

Moisturizers don’t need to be greasy. The best moisturizers for black skin should be able to nourish and hydrate your skin without weighing it down.

Skincare for Black Skin

Skincare for Black Skin

Your black skin needs a tailored skin care regimen. Since it’s more prone to dryness and oily patches, you need to adopt amore systemic routine.

  1. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser that won’t clog your pores.
  2. Use moisturizers with hydrating plant essences and humectants. Our list of the best moisturizers for black skin contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients.
  3. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Or use a moisturizer infused with SPF. Dark skin is more prone to skin cancer so you need to make sure you’re wearing sunscreen every time you go out.
  4. Treat your acne immediately, but don’t pick on it. It’s best to visit your dermatologists.
  5. Avoid processed meats and too high sugar intake.


Is coconut oil good for black skin?

Coconut oil is a safe and effective natural moisturizer for black skin. The best moisturizers for black skin like the Era Organics and Palmer’s Cocoa are rich in hydrating coconut oil.

Can I use a night moisturizer during the day?

Night moisturizers should only be used at night. Their formulation is thicker than daily or day cream. Wearing it in the morning can be too heavy and uncomfortable.

What is the best time to apply moisturizer?

The best time would be after cleansing your skin. You can use moisturizers either in the morning or night for as long as you have cleansed your skin first. 

Why do black people have dry skin?

It’s because dark skin does not retain moisture effectively.


The best moisturizers for your dark skin can make it soft and radiant again. Since dark skin can lose moisture faster than white skin, you can’t just use an ordinary moisturizer. Our list contains the best brands that can protect and nourish your black skin. 

Black is beautiful. And with the best moisturizers for black skin, you can maintain its beauty.

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