15 Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

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  1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation 
  2. It  CC+ Cream
  3. Phoera Foundation 

Looking good can come with good genes and excellent skincare. As people grow older, the skin becomes more delicate and drastically changes. Many factors affect it, just like pollution, climate, and poor routine. Wrinkles, frown/smile lines, dark spots, and loose skin are frequent changes as one reaches the big 6-0. Skin cancer is one skin disease more likely to happen to 60-year-olds.

One way to help cover up these natural dermal changes is wearing appropriate makeup. However, one should be very careful in choosing the items to apply on the face. This is why it is essential to choose only the best foundation for mature skin over 60 to achieve a youthful, glowing look.

Here is the List of Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60:

  1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation 
  2. It  CC+ Cream
  3. Phoera Foundation 
  4. Bella Terra BB Cream Moisturizer
  5. Covergirl & Olay  Ageless Foundation 
  6. L’Oreal True Match Powder 
  7. Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation 
  8. Maybelline Instant Treatment Makeup 
  9. Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Makeup 
  10. Estee Lauder Perfectionist Makeup

15 Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

Foundation for mature skin is slightly different, especially with all that needs to cover up flawlessly. You would want to choose the foundation that maintains your skin’s moisture and radiant glow. To help you in selecting the right one, here are 15 of the best foundations for mature skin over 60. 

1. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation 

Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is suited for any skin type, whether it be dry or oily. Its medium coverage is perfect for covering blemishes and spots to look flawless. Despite having a thicker coverage, it finishes off smoothly on the skin, making it look like you’re wearing no makeup at all.

Your skin will look hydrated and fresh even if you wear this foundation all day, thanks to its hyaluronic spheres, which ensures its comfortability on the skin by an application. Lighting is not that much of a challenge to look great and highlight your asset because this Ultra HD Foundation works well with different light setups.

Applying it is very easy and can happen in a flick of a finger. You can choose to use it with your makeup sponge, brush, or even your fingers. It’s very smooth and light to cover the whole face. You can adjust the amount of foundation depending on your coverage preference. It blends easily and appears as skin-like as possible on the face.

Wearing the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation enables you to have an effortless and flawless appearance. You do not have to worry about having too much makeup on and looking unrealistic on camera and in person. Age will not be reflected when you have a flawless and radiant glowing look on your face. 


  • Available in 50 shades for different skin colors
  • Works well on normal, dry, or oily skin types
  • Lasts up to 24 hours and does not feel sticky and pasty
  • Its liquid formula makes it easier to apply and blend with different brushes or sponges
  • Appears as natural and skin-like as possible


  • Can appear cakey and break apart after a few hours

2. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

Exposure to the sun is a big problem for those maintaining their skin’s excellent condition. Wearing makeup for older women needs to contain some form of sunscreen to prevent any skin disorder. This is why It Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream is perfect because it has SPF 50+ for protection against the harsh rays of the sun.

The CC+ Cream is also infused with collagen and other minerals that ensure a flawless and luminous look on the skin. It also has an anti-aging hydrating serum reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and pores.

It has full coverage, which makes it look natural once applied on the skin. You don’t need to worry much about it matching your skin tone, because it has its color-correcting formula, ensuring that it matches with your color naturally. Uneven skin tone can be corrected by this CC+ cream because of its brightening color correction formula. Your skin will look glowing, plump, and even in one application. 

It Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream is a multi-purpose makeup component because it serves as a primer, concealer, foundation, color corrector, hydrating product, and moisturizer. Applying makeup with all these functions makes it more convenient and easier for those who take time fixing up. 

Your skin will look flawless thanks to the various vitamins and minerals infused in It Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream. It protects your skin while maintaining its moisture and hydration and comes off looking very natural and radiant.


  • Has SPF 50+ perfect for sun protection
  • Covers blemishes and spots smoothly and completely
  • Matches naturally with your skin tone
  • Its minerals and vitamins prevent the onset of effects of aging


  • Causes breakouts for too oily skin types

3. Phoera Foundation 

Foundation for Mature Skin

If you’re looking for a liquid foundation that has a fully matte finish, then Phoera Foundation is perfect for you. Under-eye circles and other dark spots can be corrected and perfected with this full coverage foundation.

It can pose as both concealer and foundation because of its great skin correcting formula. You don’t have to wear much makeup on top of your skin. This is the best foundation for mature skin with large pores because it smoothens the surface of the skin and makes it look very clear and natural.

Your skin will stay as radiant and glowing as it was before you wore makeup. The Phoera Foundation has its moisturizing effect on the skin resulting in a more hydrated and less sticky feel on the face. It covers the fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes brought about by age and other damaging skin exposure.

Phoera has a wide range of skin tones to choose from, making it suitable for any skin color. It also has a unique oil-free formula preventing it from clogging the pores. It does not quickly wear off even if exposed to sweat and heat suited for a whole day of wearing.


  • Easily applied and blends effortlessly on the skin
  • Matches any skin tone and color
  • Appears mattified but does not result in a dry feel on the skin
  • Finishes off as a natural glow on the skin
  • Has full coverage for any type of flaw or blemish on the skin


  • Becomes sticky and cakey when applied with a setting powder

4. Bella Terra BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer

Moisturizing + concealing + full skin foundation coverage, this is the excellent makeup formula of Bella Terra BB Cream. Dark circles, uneven skin tones, fine lines, and scars have met their match with this BB Cream. It conceals these blemishes and appears skin-like. It’s as if you did not have these skin flaws.

One good thing about the BB Cream is its formula works well for different skin types, normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, and sensitive. Its smooth workability and application make it easy to put on the skin preventing any harsh effect from applying the foundation for mature skin.

The feel of this BB Cream is as light as a feather. You will not feel a heavy or sticky substance on your skin all day long. It can last a whole day without losing its natural glow. Bella Terra BB Cream also has natural ingredients that ensure skin moisture and maintenance.

Bella Terra BB Cream is hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free. It is not also harsh in the lab because it is not tested on animals and other living species.


  • Natural and smooth matte finish
  • Leaves the skin glowing effortlessly
  • Conceals blemishes and spots completely
  • Easy application and blending for different skin types


  • Appears powder-like and flakey on the skin  

 5. Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation 

Everyone wants to have an age-defying look, which is why you should choose the best foundation for mature skin over 60. Covergirl + Olay’s 3-in-1 formula is composed of anti-aging, hydrating, and skin improving formulas, making it the best makeup for seniors.

Wrinkles, fine lines, and other apparent effects of aging are reduced with the application of this foundation. This makes the skin appear glowing and youthful. This foundation quickly covers blemishes and dark spots. It smoothens the skin out naturally.

Skin hydration and moisture are maintained thanks to the natural ingredients and minerals like a hyaluronic complex and vitamin C infused in the foundation. A healthier and plumper looking skin is ensured then. You can also choose from a variety of shades available for any skin tone.

The complication of having too many products to apply is what discourages older women to wear makeup. However, with Simply Ageless Foundation, they do not have to worry about what to apply over the other. The foundation is simple and does not necessarily need much accompaniment of other products like concealers or setting powders. 

To achieve better glowing results, you can combine this foundation with other Covergirl+Olay products and maximize that youthful glow.


  • Lasts for a whole day
  • Blends on the skin effortlessly
  • Appears smooth and even on the skin naturally
  • Firms and improves the condition of the skin


  • Does not have a matte finish than what most liquid foundations would have

6. L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder 

Oily skin is the primary skin type catered by L’Oreal Super Blendable Powder. Its matte finish controls oil and unnecessary shine. The powder is lightweight and blends easily on the skin. It also has natural skin coverage.

This is one of the best foundations for mature skin over 60 because it is easy and convenient to apply for those who are not makeup experts. Since it is just a compact powder, only a sponge is needed to apply and blend it on the skin.

The “true match” in its name is due to the fact that it matches well with all skin colors. It has natural pearl pigments that improves the skin and gives it a luminous glow when stared at. It lightens the skin to look more youthful and radiant, further enhancing your skin tone. 

L’Oreal Super Blendable Powder has a range of shades to match the various skin tones and colors of people. It does not contain any ingredient that can clog the pores and cause zits and blemishes. Overall, this is the right match because it can be like wearing no makeup – it’s that lightweight.


  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Lightweight and comes off natural and smooth
  • Perfect for that on-the-go makeup
  • Recommendable for those with oily skin


  • Does not entirely cover dark spots and blemishes

7. Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Filter Foundation 

When snapping a photo or two, we want to look our best and have a flawless look. With Revlon Insta-Filter Foundation, looking your best for pictures is possible. Its smooth liquid formula works well with different skin types and makes the skin appear even. It also has medium coverage.

The foundation is not your typical spout out of the bottle. It already has a built-in sponge-like blender for a more natural and more convenient application. Blending on the skin is also made easier. By the time you’re done with the foundation, you will look flawless and ready for another photoshoot session.

The great thing about the smooth blendable formula of this foundation is it lets the natural glow and shine of the skin to shine through. It does not make your skin appear unrealistically flawless, but rather it helps highlight the best glow of your natural skin and the beauty of your skin tone. With this, your picture is flawless and natural as it can look. 

Since it has medium coverage, it can work alone to cover your zits and dark spots. That way, you would only have to wear one layer of makeup on your skin the whole day. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines because all of that can be concealed with the Insta-Filter Foundation.


  • Convenient and easy to apply with its built-in applicator sponge
  • Can last a whole day of wearing
  • Lightweight to use and wear on the skin
  • Has SPF 20 for protection against the sun
  • Finishes off perfectly and naturally ready for a photoshoot


  • Becomes too dry or cakey on some skin types

8. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup 

By the name alone, you can tell that this is an excellent foundation for mature skin. With just one swipe, Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Treatment easily conceals fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes. It appears smooth and even on the skin.

It has a patented micro-corrector applicator that evenly applies foundation onto the skin. Coverage is easily controlled, depending on the need and preference. The micro-corrector also ensures that it micro-fills spots to come out even and smooth on the skin.

Skin hydration is assured with the Age Rewind Treatment due to its collagen and Goji berry ingredients. You are also protected against the harsh effects of sun exposure with its SPF 18 sunscreen infused in it. Antioxidants in the components of the foundation ensure anti-aging effects, lessening the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines.

Wearing this protects the skin, all while making it look flawless and youthful. With the help of Instant Age Rewind, you can look 20 years younger your age.


  • Micro-corrector applicator evenly applies formula onto the skin
  • Has ingredients and minerals to prevent effects of aging from showing
  • Easily applies on the skin
  • Has a flawless and natural finish making you younger than ever


  • Does not work well on sensitive skin types

9. Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging Makeup 

The primary selling point of Almay Anti-Aging Makeup is its ability to match the skin tone of the user correctly. No matter how light or how dark your skin color may be, the foundation’s shade is definite and matches. It comes out of the tube as white, but once you blend it in, it becomes the exact color of your skin. This is remarkable makeup technology.

Tone Mimic Technology is what makes this possible. With this specific makeup technology, Almay uses tiny spheres responsible for matching your skin tone. These small spheres break open and release pigments that slowly color as you blend it onto your skin.

When applied onto the skin, the foundation comes off natural and flawless-looking. You don’t have to worry about fine lines and age spots because it is minimized with the anti-aging formula in the components of the foundation. Its medium foundation coverage is suited to conceal any flaws or blemishes on the skin smoothly.

Almay has six shades to choose from. The formula is easy to apply and blend onto the skin. It does not involve any complicated makeup fiasco to perfect. The foundation also contains SPF 20 to protect the skin from the sun. Almay Smart Shade is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and dermatologically tested.


  • Suits any type of skin (normal, dry, oily, sensitive)
  • Has unique ToneMimic Technology matching the foundation shade to your skin tone
  • Protects your skin with SPF 20 and prevents any aging effects


  • Comes off dry and grainy on the skin

10. Estee Lauder Perfectionist Makeup 

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Makeup uses a perfecting anti-aging serum technology. This reduces the effects of aging like lines, spots, and wrinkles.

The foundation also ensures oil-free skin hydration, making it possible to be moisturized without feeling oily or sticky. This is one of the best foundations for mature skin over 60 because it naturally infuses youthful glow and radiance into the foundation formula.

Ensuring medium to full coverage, Estee Lauder Perfectionist Makeup conceals unwanted blemishes smoothly. It brightens the appearance of the skin, making it look as natural as possible. It also suits any skin type from dry to oily to sensitive.

You can wear the foundation all day long, and it even has UV rays protection of SPF 25. It has a glowing satin finish playing in between a matte and dewy finish. The liquid formula of the foundation is easy to apply and build up for better coverage on needed spots.

Overall, Estee Lauder Perfectionist Makeup perfects the appearance of the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles. It also gives it a splash of natural glow and brightens the skin tone. It is long-lasting and gives you a radiant look to tell people that age is just a number.


  • Has a satin finish
  • Gives oil-free hydration, preventing the pores from being clogged
  • Makes your skin glow and shine naturally
  • Provides medium to full coverage that lasts a whole day


  • Has an unappealing odor

11. bareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream 

There are five main reasons to love this foundation from bareMinerals. First, it does not contain harmful ingredients that may cause complications for mature skin. No parabens or any similar form of chemicals can be found in the components of the makeup.

The second reason is its skin hydration properties. It hydrates the skin with its natural coconut ingredients ensuring proper moisture is maintained on the skin. Combined with these coconut ingredients are marine botanicals that nourish and condition the skin. You see, it has minerals and vitamins that take care of your skin’s condition.

The third reason is its sunscreen components. It has SPF 30 to protect the skin from damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. The foundation has a broad spectrum protection meaning that is proven to help prevent skin cancer and other similar diseases.

A sheer-to-medium coverage is the fourth reason to love this bareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. It can cover common facial blemishes like lines, spots, and uneven skin tone. The formula of the foundation is buildable and easy to apply and layer on its own or with other makeup products.

The fifth and final reason is because of its light and refreshing sensation on the skin due to water encapsulations found in the makeup. These water encapsulations enable the skin to be appropriately and adequately cool throughout the hours of wearing it.

You see, bareMinerals is an excellent makeup for mature skin over 60 because it is not only makeup to conceal zits, but instead, it brings out the natural and healthy glow and condition of the skin for you to look your best. Hydration and moisturizing is the best tool to do that. It is more than a foundation; it is nutrition for your sensitive, mature skin.


  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • Protects the skin from UV rays with an SPF 30 sunscreen
  • Maintains a light and refreshing feeling when applied on the skin
  • Its sheer-to-medium coverage conceals zits and blemishes smoothly


  • Has a shiny application and finish

12. Colorescience Tint du Soleil Foundation 

Colorescience is known for its chemical-free makeup formulas. This makes their products safe for sensitive skin commonly seen in older women. Tint du Soleil is a creamy tinted liquid foundation formula.

One advantage of Tint du Soleil is its physical sunscreen of SPF 30 infused in the foundation. This helps in maintaining the excellent condition of the skin against sun exposure. It has broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB sun rays.

The foundation has sheer, buildable coverage on the skin. It only gives a thin sheet of coverage to easily adjust depending on the preference of the user to conceal the zits and blemishes. Its whipped texture is lightweight and perfect for wearing all day long.

It evens out and smoothens the skin, making it look as flawless as it can be. The foundation also has anti-aging properties, which reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Tint du Soleil also has vitamins and minerals that nourish and tone the skin, improving its condition. It has four basic shades that can be matched onto different skin tones.


  • Whipped, lightweight formula is easy to apply and blend on the skin
  • Suited for sensitive skin
  • Maintains the skin’s moisture and protects it from damage from sun exposure
  • Conceals blemishes and flaws evenly


  • The pump can take time in dispensing the product 

13. Clinique All Smooth Foundation 

Makeup for mature skin should most likely have moisturizing properties to keep up with the dryness of the skin due to age. If you’re suffering from dry skin and you can’t find the right foundation for you, then Clinique All Smooth Foundation is the one for you.

Clinique uses Repairwear Laser Focus technology to ensure that their products are suitable to restore the excellent condition and moisture of the skin. Their formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin types, as their makeup is hypoallergenic and parabens free. You are sure of the quality given that Clinique is a trusted makeup brand for years.

The All Smooth Foundation instantly smoothes fine lines, making the skin even and smooth. It covers the wrinkles and other blemishes and does not settle into these lines.

It has moderate coverage, which is easy to blend and build on the skin. You can choose from a natural, dewy, or matte finish after applying this adequately on your skin. It is lightweight and will not bother you when worn for one whole day.

Clinique All Smooth Foundation ensures that your skin feels soft and smooth as it appears flawless and even in person and pictures.


  • Evens out the surface of the skin, making it look smooth and soft
  • Lightweight and lasts a whole day
  • Suited for dry, sensitive, mature skin of older women


  • Cannot withstand dry and hot situations or exposure

14. Wander Beauty Nude Foundation

Blemishes can easily be hidden with the Wander Beauty Liquid Foundation. It fits and suits all skin types from normal to dry, sensitive, and even oily. The luxurious foundation formula is made for medium-to-full skin coverage. This coverage makes it possible to conceal spots, lines, and uneven skin tone smoothly and evenly.

The foundation is lightweight and can last a whole day long. The Nude Illusion of the foundation makes it smooth and silky on the skin. It also gives the skin a youthful and radiant glow naturally.  

Easy and smooth application of the foundation is possible because of the doe-foot applicator. The packaging of the foundation is like a tube with a little wand to evenly apply the product onto the skin. This helps in controlling the coverage of the foundation from medium-to-full. The doe-foot applicator also enables the foundation to become a concealer.

Wander Beauty Liquid Foundation has niacinamide, which is responsible for reducing wrinkles and evens out the skin. The skin’s natural elasticity and adequate sebum protection are maintained due to the component of lotus extract in the foundation.

The liquid foundation has 12 varieties of shades to match your skin tone perfectly. The Wander Beauty Liquid Foundation is the best foundation to use on aging skin because it nourishes the skin, all while concealing flaws for an even and smooth finish.


  • Easy application with the doe-foot applicator
  • Doubles as a concealer that strategically targets needed  flawed spots on the skin
  • Gives the skin its natural nourishments with its natural ingredients
  • Has medium-to-full coverage that can last one whole day


  • Appears cakey and dry on the skin

15. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

One of the well-known brands of makeup is Nars. For years, they have provided quality products that make the users feel nourished and beautiful at the same time. With their Sheer Glow Foundation, they manage to provide quality makeup suited for aging skin. Their foundation formula is one that enables the skin to improve and look naturally smooth.

The Nars complexion brightener gives the skin a more luminous and youthful glow without much makeup on. They have around 40 shades for this product, which matches any skin tone. It also works well for all skin types, especially normal and dry skin. Since it has medium coverage, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation evens the skin tone and gives it a youthful glow.

The Vitamin C ingredient of the foundation will leave your skin hydrated and evens the skin tone. It also has turmeric as an ingredient, which is responsible for the radiant glow on the skin. These vitamins and minerals naturally conceal and improve the skin. 


  • Works well on different skin types
  • Has a variety of shades for numerous skin types
  • Medium coverage to naturally cover blemishes and spots
  • Gives the skin a youthful and radiant glow


  • Has an odd and greasy odor 
Best Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

How to Apply Foundation on Mature Skin

Age changes the condition of our skin. Applying makeup should be more delicate and precise, even the choosing of products to wear. Listed below are five tips from experts on how to properly apply foundation and makeup in general on the skin of women in their 60s.

  1. Maintain a good skincare routine.

In order for makeup to look radiant, the key goal is to nourish the canvas onto which the makeup is to be put on. It is recommended to use a jade or ivory roller to lift your face for it not to sag. Taking good care of your skin is a responsibility one should be precise about.

  1. Look for the right primer.

The primer is the first layer that should help make the look flawless. There are primers that have moisturizers in them. You can also look for primers that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and other blemishes to give the foundation a good start.

  1. Choose foundations with hydrating properties.

The best foundation for aging skin is one that maintains the natural hydration of the skin. Match the makeup products that you will be using to the type of skin you have. Dry skin types need more moisture and hydration to keep the makeup looking good. As to oily skin types, they would need some kind of drying effect to make them look less greasy at the end of the day.

  1. Use sponges for more natural and smoother application.

Sponges are the best tools to use on mature skin to give an even and smooth finish. You are also able to control the coverage you need and prefer with a light dab onto the face. Don’t be too harsh on your skin, gently dab the makeup onto your skin, and using a sponge is the best way to achieve this.

  1.  The lighter the makeup, the better.

As cliché as it sounds, always go for the most uncomplicated look. Your aging skin cannot handle many products on it, unlike when you were younger. The lighter makeup you wear, the more that your natural radiant skin will glow. 

Foundation for Mature Skin over 60

Skin Care Tips for Skin over 60

There is one way for you to look your best despite your age – taking care of your skin. Many experts have proven that the skin appears its best when nurtured regularly. It’s called a skincare routine because it must be done regularly. Here are five basic skin care reminders to nourish your skin.

  1. Wash your face regularly with mild soap.

You have to choose your soap. Check the ingredients and the components used. Since your skin is sensitive, it is best to use unscented, mild soap to prevent drying or allergies.

  1. Use sunscreen and other sun protectants on the face and body.

The sun can be very damaging; you must protect yourself from it. Being prone to skin diseases comes with age, and you should use more sunscreen. Using sun protectants also helps your skin maintain its natural elasticity and moisture. So everytime you step out, put on a thin layer of sunscreen.

  1. Have a healthy lifestyle. Stop bad habits like smoking and eating foods with too much oil.

This is not only applicable to achieve great skin but also your overall health. Observe proper diet because the foods you intake and the lifestyle you follow result in a glowing complexion. Excellent physical health can be reflected in your appearance, specifically the skin. A healthy lifestyle can bring out the best in you and will radiate onto your skin.

  1. Choose your skincare products appropriately.

You must know which products enhance and improve your skin. Refrain from trying products you are not sure of. Always read the contents and research on its effects on your skin. It is better to stick with products that you have been using over the years.

  1. Regularly consult with your dermatologist. 

There is no better way to take care of your skin than consulting a dermatologist. Consultations help you in knowing what products you must use to maintain your skin. It can also help you prevent any skin disease from happening or worsening.

When we’re young, we tend to abuse our body, our skin. We don’t think of the long-term consequences we will be facing as our age becomes older. Choosing the best foundation for mature skin over 60 involves choosing the one that enhances your skin and makes you look better. Makeup is not only for covering blemishes, but it is about bringing out the best assets of your natural beauty.

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